Wednesday, 2 June 2021

I got another girl
She adores me
Believes every sweet nothing I utter
Fantasising of the transcendental melding of our souls:
Poor girl
J'st another conquest.

I am breaking another heart
and I know it;
She doesn't know I lie with dilated pupils.
When I tell her to be careful of people whose pupils dilate when they lie
she doesn't believe my truth

“Come with me.”
She thinks it's an invitation;
She'll cry through the lock
round the clock
Wondering why I left.

Friday, 11 December 2020


She is afraid of love

          that requires making
          when she is licked
          and wet
Locks click
          and the door to her womanhood closes.

The pain is a sword,
          tears asunder the pleasure
She cries her heart and soul
          and her brain shuts
To beg God for forgiveness—
          she strayed when she met me
          her beautiful devil.

She vows never ever to sin again
          until the next time she longs for it.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Even as sometimes here we fight,
though love in the act
that all the iniquity is swept away by it,
and I look into thy lovin’ eyes
my duty to behold you
either by words or gesture’s signified;
therein the sparkling of the love I cherish.

You’re more than a thousand lights that rise
O gentle star!
My moon and my sun
Thence no smoke to vitiate thy rays;

O King of My Heart,
So steadfast my desire 
Is unto you who willed to live with me,
And to you I shall walk to the altar
That I know no other love foreswear
Make jubilant the interwoven souls.

And upon earth we shall leave our memories
Such that the naysayers here commend it,
and tell of our story
that from two hearts did single love
Make itself felt,
issued a single sound from out that one love.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

You’re light, 
          the kind that came in through a crack on the wall.

You’re hope,
          the kind that hung around when all was gone.

I was happy,
          the kind that you knew was somewhere deep within,
          even though you didn’t feel it then.

You’re mine,
          the kind that I wasn’t supposed to keep but knew I would never leave.

I was the one you never wanted to be with. 

(A pastiche adopted from A Curve of Darkness by Munira Hussein)

Saturday, 16 March 2019

The last time I saw Maimun
words poured out of me like water squeezed from a sponge.

She covered my mouth with hers
as if to swallow a terrible curse that would come back to afflict us.

“Forget us, forget me,” she said.

Upon us was
the moment of partying—
my heart cracked.

“I will come for you, my moon,” I said.
“I will get you away from your Imam father
Even Allah.”

“Goodbye, my love
I cannot help you with my love.

Forget, my love
I love you more than life itself.”

She shimmered away—

And I was alone.