Thursday, 30 October 2014

And even as he, whom I gave my heart,
Ruled the skies above, and the Milky Way, 
Became the god I worshipped in public and privacy;
So did my heart, fluttering like a butterfly, 
Turn me to a dervish, and I danced   
To the tunes of his fife and chants of his voice.
After my palpitating heart rested, 
My body cushioning his, beneath,
Did I know what I will never have.
Picture ©Ilisa Millermoon Intuitive Energy 

And lo! Almost where peace would be, 
Did I feel the chord disintegrate
Taking us separate ways, the chase o’er!
And never moved he from before my face, 
Nay, rather did it impede the way I felt, 
That many times I thought of that magical moment.
The time was the beginning of the morning, 
And up the sun was mounting with those stars 
That with him were, what I craved – divine love.


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