Thursday, 21 December 2017

Photo by Filipe Almeida on Unsplash
I would be sad if I had not surrendered to your charm
the first time you smiled at me.
Our families shall be one
Glorious they behold this union
never division to be known.

Come here the flame of my desire,
He who is imprinted well with the internal stamp
of the love that lights the eternal lamp.

O my beloved tree,
While I was with sorrow
Descending into the dead world,
You showed me my future life
You there by my side, me as wife
And we both saw approaching us,
Cupid’s arrow to strike and lay our hearts at each other’s arms.

With clear words and unambiguous
Language responded that prodigious love,
Was to be found in our souls.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Sit on my lap like you love me
but don’t put your hands on me.

Kiss me like you love me
but don’t close your eyes.

Consort with me like you love me
but don’t come with me.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Love and hate keep them together
and love and hate mate.

He, love, worships her on the altar of love
has sacrificed the world for his goddess.
She, hate, despises him
her love for him is disgust.

All what love wants is her heart, body and soul
All hate gives is coldness and aloofness;
yet she opens her legs for him,
and love and hate mate.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Interview by Benson Macharia of the Kenya’s newspaper, Daily Nation.
Vincent de Paul is an author, editor and founder of Mystery Publishers- a self-publishing platform with editors from Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.
He spoke to about his journey:
What was your inspiration to become an author?
I developed an interest in writing while in high school. I was inspired by the urge to right the society and revoke vices through my writing thus I participated in national writing competitions. I wrote the article titled “Stop Child Labour, School is the Best Place to Work” for a competition that was organised by Centre for Law and Research International (CLARION) in 2003 and was among the top five winners. Ever since then, I have not looked back.
How long did it take before you published your first book and what were your biggest challenges as an aspiring writer?
From the time I finished the draft of my first book in 2004 while still in high school, I spent seven years before I published it, First Words, in 2011 which is a collection of poetry. The book had won the 13th Nairobi International Book Fair Literary Awards in 2010, which were organized by the National Book Development Council of Kenya.
The biggest challenge was to get a publisher to publish the book in Kenya.
I knocked doors of all main stream publishers in Kenya but they rejected the manuscript—they said Kenyans don’t read poetry and that they wanted a book they could sell to schools.
A year later, I gave up on looking for a publisher and a Facebook friend from the USA introduced me to self-publishing.
Read the full interview HERE.

Monday, 3 July 2017

She’s behind a wall so high
that I couldn’t climb
but I’m going to wait outside
to see Maimun.

She’s my moon
and I’m her night time
when she comes out
and lets me see beneath her burqa.

Maimun takes it off:
          her burqa
          her shash
          her dirac
and lets me see beneath her—beautiful!
We’ve carried on for so long
to stop it would be wrong
we’ve fought for our love
even her father and Allah.

Maimun’s God frowns on me, mushrikin
“But that won’t scare me,” she says.
I won’t let go of my moon
‘cause she’ll be right here with me
even if my god is not Allah.