Jack n' Jill


Babe, you’re the night
Your beauty light,
Like a moth to light
You draw suitors day and night,
What am I gonna do
To have you for me alone?

Oh boy you fret so much
I’m yours and yours shall be
Doubt all love but mine
I know no one but you.

Babe, if you’re a wall
I’d top you wit’ concertina,
If you’re a gate
I’d reinforce you wit’ steel
And be standing there still.

Remember the love we feasted
Under the apple tree, and its poetry
It burns like a raging fire,
Water can’t put it out.

I have a song to sing
And a bell to ring,
I’ll cross the stream
To make true my dream
Dance to the tune of your love
And hear you happily laugh.

I am a wall, a fortress
There shall be no war
Be content and peaceful;
As perky as a deer

To me you’re so dear.


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