Wednesday, 3 April 2013

It’s still fresh on my mind
As though it’s yesterday,
The day he told me
Better never be together;
That we just can’t be.

I remember the stuff,
The craziest things we used to do,
Can’t believe it happened.
I still love him –
I mean – love him;
It’s so hard to walk away.

I saw him wit’ da’ new girl;
No, it’s actually the wife,
The rank I was never promoted to
And I admit
They are good together.

He has moved on,
For me it’s the hardest thing to do
I still love him,
I mean – want him –
It’s so hard to walk away.
I never gonna walk away,
Shall forever seek his attention?
Without him life’s confusion
Love of my love,
Soul of my soul!

Copyright (c)2013
Poetic Justness


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