Thursday, 26 February 2015

 The rhythm of him who moves inside
Doth penetrate the depths, and glides   
In one part more and in another less.
Within that heaven which most my body receives 
I am aloft, and behold it feels great 
And I soar, and arch, as our souls lace;
Because in drawing near to our passion 
Our worlds drift themselves so far, 
And only the moment matters.
Truly whatever of the divine union
All I have is the power to treasure in my mind 
That which has become my song.

O sweet Stan, for this great congress 
Thou make of me such a vessel of thy power
As giving the sweet love is thy ‘pertise!
One peak of pleasure hitherto 
Has been enough for me, but now with you
I am entranced, body soars to unscaled heights.
Enter into my woman, sweet Stan, and move 
As at the time when out I spread 
My arms and wrapped you in my embrace.
O this love divine that lends itself to me 
So that the shadow of the past hurt 
Stamped in my brain I can forget,
And I come to you my darlin’ stud, 
Where I get what I hunger thereafter  
Of which thy love makes me worthy.


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