Across The Desert - El Wak Police Station

The journey started three days earlier... I didn't know what to expect of this African country that has so much beauty bestowed upon it's thee land. I thought it gonna be faster and quick, but past Garissa I was just ironically told by the crater-holed hyper-corrugated roads that I was up for grabs... We ended up spending five days in the jungle - vehicle breakdowns, no enough food; initially we'd only three days' haversack, but when there's nothing for us to eat I remembered what my mother once told me - that "Men learn how to kill, women learn how to survive." We he'd to do both of them if we wanted to fit in our new milieu - Darwin?; the vast North Eastern Province of Kenya... everything was silent like the desert noon, the wind blowing maliciously and the sun fierce and scorching. And when we did reach our destination I was just stupefied... I had thought that such architecture we'd left it at the Mombasa's Fort Jesus. But that ain't what struck me as odd... it is the fact that this is a police station!!! - El Wak Police Station. Of all the places we trudged across the desert only this caught my dire attention... fortresses did not disappear with King David and King Solomon or with our ancestors back at home in Israel.


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