Death of Humanity

Once upon a time; long, long time ago
So long before anybody was born
There’s a terrible accident, a tragic tragedy
That claimed many lives and colossal property damage;
And the carnage of it left the world devastated
Humanity was killed in that accident.

I took my sick mother to hospital today
I would not want to live to see another like this day.
The men and women with white coats
Those blessed minds that decides who lives or dies
Are indoctrinated wit’ callousness;
I saw this sisal-haired kid
Pot-bellied, eyes popping out; was in great agony
The poor thing died because the mother
With maternal instincts wanted to save her progeny
But was pushed away, told to go back to the queue;
This largish matron of a nurse
Left her desk at ten o’clock, she went to lunch
The doctor had left his white coat
Hanging on the chair in his office;
People started talking, complaining
I heard one say how his first born had died young
Because the man wit’ the key to OR was away
Another one said he’d contracted cataracts
Because there were no, and couldn’t afford, gloves
I’s nauseated when the woman beside me
Said that Cadavers at the morgue are piled higgledy-piggledy
Because the family of the deceased didn’t pay.

While I reached home in the evening
I got the shock of my life
My father told me that the paedophile was acquitted
My little sister was not done justice
She failed to testify, there’s no evidence;
The man who’d robbed her of her innocence spitefully
Was acquitted, was not guilty
He’d given the man of law breakfast
And that corrupt-riddled judge failed to convict him
I could say nothing to the harsh reality.

It was in the news, my small portable never lies
A man had just killed a hunter and gatherer, shot him
The latter had trespassed into his ranch
When he was actually carrying his game from the forest
O thee poor children of a black mother
The living foe of the white strangers of the west
Men who knows not where Africa begins
And the European heaven turns hell;
I tell you the guy got away with it – nolle prosqui.

I read it on the papers
Somebody was selling relief food on the black market
While people were dying daily of hunger, drought
Thinking of such things makes me distraught
And hate myself with passion, cacoethes
Why do we’ve to live in a world that’s killed humanity?


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