The Discovery

Mama tell me why
Ya’ eyes are clouded wit' tears.
I did mean no disrespect
To ask you this mama
I know am that kid of yours
You’re in high school then.
I am so sure like I know
The memories are so strong
So fresh in ya’ mind
Like the morning dew;
Shall live wit’ you
You can’t, and won’t, forget
The frail cries of a little thing
The doll that was to grow
The big doll that is me.
Just but to ask... who’s dad mom?

If ya’ heart’s broken mama
Please don’t curse me
I just fell da’ need to know.
Mama you can’t know
Mama you can’t see
What lurks behind bastards?
A million names are mine
I like the love-child than mama’s boy.
I know dad ain’t ma father
Mama please...
Just the truth from you.
The discovery was so debilitating
The realization a glum rambunctious
Have lived wit’ it for long
Dreading the pain of asking
Dreading the aftermath of insolence
I just can’t get away from it
The need of knowing it
It haunts the soul of the soul
It ain’t ma fault nor yours
To them I am ostracized
I resent myself... am I supposed?
Just for once and no more
No more shall you hear of me
Just confirm my fears....


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