Our Father

Our Father – we’re your children, we pray
Hallowed be thy name – not the pontiff’s
Thy kingdom come – overthrow all the presidents
Thy will be done on earth – incinerate all our creations
As it is in heaven – Celestial Choirs forever rule
Give us our daily bread – we’re starving, we pray
And forgive us – murderers, adulterers, perverts, terrorists
Our trespasses – sadism, cruelty, sacrilege, idolatry, violence
As we forgive – at the high and international criminal courts
Those who err against us – by death row and life incarceration
Lead us not into temptation – HIV/Aids is incurable, gaol hell
But deliver from all evil – we’re like moths and light
For the kingdom, power, and glory – no one to campaign against you
 Are yours – unanimously make it to the State House, White House.
Forever and ever – Amen.


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