Sitting up in ma’ room
Wondering what gonna become of me
Bobby Womack’s on the radio
Singing to me “If you think you’re lonely now”
I remember of “We Belong Together”
Wait a minute this is different
Akon picks up saying…
“Can’t believe I had a girl like you
And I just let you walk out of ma’ life”
I must say it babe
I’ve never been so lonely in ma’ life.
Everything I look at
Everything I touch
The aroma of everything
The air around where you used to do your hair
Reminds me of what used to be
Reminds me of you babe;
The emptiness of everything
Reminds me of how lonely I am
Reminds me that I threw it all
And that’s why I am lonely.
Sitting up in ma’ room
Hoping against all hope
That I’m not lonely but alone
Yet I know it’s not true;
What then? I threw it all
And nothing I can do.
I know you said it’s over
All I wanna you know is
You truly loved me babe
And I just let you walk out
Am so lonely…

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