Sonia Meets Sam

What a sad mistake you made
Life forever torn, never to be mend
Chided the voice in him
His sermon trailed
For the umpteenth time
When he looked her way
Marvellous beauty in the nave
Truly God's handiwork.

Just watching him preach
Made her wanna reach
And touch him – yes, touch
Something he never gonna allow
She stared at him
She oblivious to him
The preacher she wanted
She'd fallen in love with.
Her Madonna face, dazzling eyes
Pouty lips, chubby cheeks
She's beauty itself – Venus
From the pulpit the preacher saw
Wished he'd never taken the vow
Such crave wouldn't be raw
Denied to him by vocation.

Man of such grace, and vitality
She thought from the nave
I am sitting here
Yet I wanna be over there
Wish I'd seen him long ago
I couldn't be feeling this way
She blushed, ashamed of herself.

"I'm Sam, as in Samson. Pleasure..."
The service was over
She couldn't believe it – yet
"I'm Sonia, nice to meet you."
The man of God, the angel
Invited her to the vicarage
Sam was of Sonia – SamSoni.


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