Story of Love

Babe, when I look at you
I wonder what to think
Of the beauty staring back at me.
Lost for words of compliment
You scare me away wit’ ya’ beauty.

Ya’ sexy innocent lips can spill kisses like a fountain
I can’t bring myself to kiss dem’, I gonna corrupt them
I just can’t but restrain from touching ya’ cheese-cheeks
I don’t wanna you thawed away by ma’ fiery hands
And ya’ Rosa Mystica face explode in shards of passion
And succumb me to unfathomable land of liaison.

I can’t confuse ya’ small perky breasts for a mountain
I can’t cup them in my hands but just yearn
Your bosom does but debilitate me with emotion
Ya’ Michelangelo-painting-thighs make me erupt like a volcano
I wanna feel them prickle me as we rock
Let’s escape from the flock
I wanna move with you in dance
A slow waltz of clandestine romance
And then we shall have a chance
To tell each other the story of love.


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