Regional Description of Women

I was watching one Nigerian movie and came across this…. funny oh, oga!!!!!!!!!!

“Lemme tell you oh oga, me na know all manner of women. Me I know them oh.” 
“Yes, oga. Tell me oh…!”
The other of the two two fell mute silent to listen to his friends wide range of wisdom… and knowledge of women.
Not any one time did he interrupt…
“At the age of ten, she’s like the Green Land. Virgin and never explored.
“Between eleven and eighteen she’s like Africa. Half explored, half virgin.
“Between eighteen and thirty, she’s like the USA. Well known and wanted by everybody, but overtaxed!
“Between thirty and forty, she’s like the Great Britain. She’s devasted by war and everybody is willing to come to her aid.
“Between forty and fifty, she’s like Australia. Everybody knows where she is but no one goes there… what!!
“And above fifty, she’s like the rest. No one know’s where she is…!!”
What!! this ain’t fair…..

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