Rest in Peace, My Love

What a hapless fate
An untimely tragedy
I never sigh o’er the loss
I ever curse the senseless fiend
For the loss o’ my love, best friend.

Never more on my comfy chest
She’ll rest her head
Nor wrap me in her embrace
I shall mourn her demise
Never shall I be myself.

Her smile, the jokes
Her laughter, the flute voice
The games we played
The gentle tap, loving touch
Stolen by the brutal death.

I think of the promises
The plans for the future
Path is wide and rough
I have no faith anymore
She ain’t by my side.

Never more by me she’ll sleep
Forever empty is the bed
Never more on me she’ll sit
Her favourite seat
I will never see her more.

Goodbye’s the hardest thing to say
Not this – shall live in denial
Rest in peace, Tsoniella, Sonia
Sam loves you, forever I promised
Wish you had left me Maribel.


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