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As the year comes to an end, many people are travelling to different places... shagz to be with extended family, to pleasure resorts to enjoy the good times with their partners or just alone if you are a bachelor or bachelorette, those who had abandoned their families the whole year in search of the dime in the big city going back home to console their estranged loved ones and shower them with the once in a year love... A LOT OF TRAVELS... despite the hiked fares due to the high cost of fuel.

I ain't the person who does things by a sweep of a wave of season... I traveled to all the places I wanted well before the year ended. I did not have to wait for the festive season to come... Every day for me is festive+++ and life is worth living each day.
I started with Lord Egerton Castle in Nakuru... the bird's nest that Lord Egerton's sweetheart rejected as lowlife...I don't know what these are, but obviously are exotic creatures just like Egerton's lover was.

I took one hell of a hiatus and when I pounced back it was the famous Lake Nakuru National Park. Lake Nakuru National Park is created around Lake Nakuru, one of the Great Rift Valley soda lakes. It’s the home of millions of flamingos and over 450 species of other birds, giraffes, black and white rhinos, buffaloes, baboons and other wild game. Documentaries say it’s a place to be.

Wooded and bushy grasslands greeted me with every corner I took; gazelles, zebras and buffaloes – lazily grazing in the afternoon sun – stared blankly at my saloon car as I drove along stopping occasionally to take pics. All along what I wanted to see was the millions of flamingos that nest along the shores of Lake Nakuru.

Six days later I went to Nyahururu for a time with mommy nature... The most amazing, and what made my year, was Thomson Falls... a spectacular view...

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