Ritualistic Love

From generation to Gene-ration
And degeneration
Learning the same thing
                        Over and over
What pre-historians did
And taught us to do
Rituals we never know
            Nor question
Doesn't make sense.

When love comes knocking
And you fall head over heels
            Head for the hills
Flower a day
            Valentine’s a MUST
A text
An E-mail
A card
Cloying bouquets
            That wither immediately
            The delivery boy leaves
            And dumpstered
            To generate manure
Sexy this
Sexy that
            For him
            For her
Just to say
Not to sway
That you love.

O thee men
            And women
We men
Do ‘luv-ya’’
And yeah…
Hate the ritual
            Or re-show
Beneath the machismo
Is great love
Is gRate laugh.

Copyright ©Elove Poetry, 2012. All Rights reserved.


  1. Nice….
    Love especially the way you worked the second and last lines in the last poem.

    very nice.

  2. O thee men and women, ‘We men’ do luv ya..This line made me smile…

    Nice poems U got here..Well done Elove.

  3. Man! You and this your highly intellectually thick poetry! You’ve gone done another painting again!

    I loved the first part on Ritual Love…reminds me of Avant garde writers who questioned man’s existence in their work…
    I like the way it questions the love ritual and makes us see that its a monotony of the expected in a continual loop…

    drat! Did I just yarn all that grammar?

    1. Thanks! I feel encouraged when you talk like that… at first it was not easy getting along here… Standards should be maintained

  4. Rumble here, I think should have been rubble, and burry; bury. Flash your poetic license at once if they were actually intended for this is some masterclass poetry.

    Nice one Bruv/Sis. Please keep them coming.

    PS: You still haven’t told me which one you be. LOL!!!

  5. Yeah, indeed rituals do replace the reality of what love means. The rituals we do and practice unquestioned have become over the years symbols of love instead.


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