Saluting Boots n' Helmets

(by Guest Poet)

I am a veteran (and a vegetarian)
Served in the Kenya Defence Forces
When it was the Armed Forces
Earned less than elfu
In the KANU era
Moi’s regime
Fought in the Maumau
And the Shift-a Campaign
Retired honourably
After the failed ’82 coup.

I salute them
They say they traded books
For helmets and boots
Paid from the taxpayer’s coffers
Yet they pay tax
Said to be idle in the barracks
Fattening on exchequer
When they actually are in Isolo
Their holiday destination they call Oslo
Training in Larisoro
Living in bivouac
On beef corned
Walk miles wearing sad smiles
From Marigat (after eating watermelons)
Through Nginyang and Kapedo
To little known un-inhabited Lomelo
Rain bombs in the area
Leave others unexploded
Donate their half-eaten army biscuits
To impoverished and famished Pokots
Three months fly back in Z9s
To sweep the area
‘Cause Lorukot and sis’ suicide-bombed themselves
Playing with the UXOs
The toys they never get.

I salute them
Operation Linda Nchi is a great success
War bells are cooking cans
In Beles Qooqani
Kiss ma’ you bugger
Qismayu is badgered
Colonel Cyrus Oguna’s weekly jazz
Al Shabaab are surrendering
All terrorists murdered
I salute them all
Boots and helmets of the KDF.

Copyright ©Vincent de Paul, 2012.


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