The Dream

I was dead and long gone
My autopsy-disemboweled body frozen in morgue
I was not alone on the cold steel gurneys
The face of the beautiful nurse came
Drawing the sky blue hospital sheets over me
 Then I was a spirit with the gift of ubiquity
Rising from my death bed trapped in astral body.
The soul looked at the cadaver it’d been trapped in
For years and years of mortality
Felt like Nicolas Cage in the City of Angels
As though I was Ian in the Deaths of Ian Stone.

The fricking-fracking thing was that I was a ghost
Invisible and invincible as I materialized around
Human anguish vanished, unrelenting peacefulness took over
Was happy to be free of grief and responsibilities.

Some winch pulled me from the earth
Felt myself rise in sinuous smoke strings
High up above skyscrapers and mountains
Felt the warmth of the sun above
Everything like a rumpled calico quilt below.

Life down there seemed fuzzy and unreal
Everything reduced to nothingness
A flock of birds flew by me in different formations
The Boeing 747 pilot didn’t see me
Clouds hugged me, bathed me in soft mist
For once in my life felt free.

My mind refreshed, it was blessing
Saw my human life in crystal clarity
The hide-and-seek childhood games
A lil’ kid sitting knobbly in church
All the people I’d known and loved
The first kiss with a cousin, and the incest
Happy yet hollowed days.

For a strange reason I thought I should have lived longer
To see a son, a daughter and a grandchild
I hadn’t even said goodbye to my darling cousin
It happened so fast, soon it was my obsequies
Those whom I was close and dear to cried quarts
Oceans of crocodiles,
What did it matter?
I was now a ghost.

The sky was now earth, everything fuzzed
The world I had roamed vanished
Dreams of a good life on the fast lane shattered
Thoughts of heaven and paradise flooded me
Thoughts of hell made my ethereal heart jump.

I didn’t know where my astral body was going
Only that I was going in one direction – up, up, up
Either way it didn’t matter – I was going home
Heaven or hell, I wished I knew which one
And then I arrived
Yikes! Thank God it was a dream.

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