Dark Night of My Heart

It hurts when you break up wit' someone
Hurts more when someone breaks up wit' you
That's how I found her, my sweet love;
I wanted to wipe away the tears
Hold the darkness at bay for her
Help her find the dawn once again
Yet she couldn't, she's so hurt, and mourning;
Angry wit' life, bitter wit' the whole world
So fragile and vulnerable – my heart went to her,
For the first time I felt love
Interesting feeling, complicated emotion
Wanted to build wars around her to keep her safe
Yet she kept me at bay, a thousand miles away;
Pain tore through my heart like sword
Hurt so muh to see her sorrowful, hurting
Hurt most to know that she knew not
How much I felt for her.

Copyright ©Vincent de Paul, 2012


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