Greedy Us

Greed rules us
Has conquered us
We vile men n' women;
Greed for everything
Greed for anything.

Greed for money
              Baptize it corruption,
Greed for power
              To be superpowers
Greed for authority
              Say it's leadership.

Greed for wealth
             Blood diamonds
             Oil of the Middle East
             Gold of Smith
             Copper and Bronze
             Black Gold of Turkana.

Greed for love
            Lust  disguised
Greed for sex
           Say it's for health
           Yet it's perversion;
Greed for fashion
           So much hedonism.

Greed, greed, greed
All have agreed
To live by Greed
Our Holy Creed.

    Copyright © 2012       


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