I willed for him to sing, or speak like a poet

Be a master of words and tunes, will of my silence;

He, my love, man of few words, actions are of essence,

And when I couldn’t get, the desire of my heart

I denied him entry at the gate, and slowly we spaced out

Lived worlds apart, then another came, my heart to rent;

I willed him to find that hole in my heart, and fill it

Tom, Dick and Harry didn’t know my heart, or feel it

Revelry, games and sex was the only world they knew;

Loved them in body, though my soul willed the away

They like poison consumed the deepest part of my soul;

Like a black funeral pall guilt shadowed me.

Tunes and verses, lyrics and poems; I got in plenty

None filled the deep black hole of my heart;

I am shrouded in guilt and shame, and infidelity,

Now in my love’s silence, I see million ways of love;

He’s not an actor, or a star, but I’m going to stay

Love him any way; watch the stars with him every night

His silence is better than lyrics and tunes devoid of love.

Copyright 2012


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