Innocent Times

They were days I’ll never see again
But I always took life for the best,
They were days of endless mischief
And got away with the hominess,
There were evening walks
and there were night stalks
Disco and reveling from a.m. to p.m.
They are days long gone
But they were always innocent times.

There were times I yelled at my mother
That there’s no peace at home no one listened to another;
There were times the home was so cold
That I kept to myself I thought I was going dumb forever;
There were arguments and the cat-fights
I ran away for days and nights
Sure that everybody hated me –
But they were always innocent times.

Then there were days reason took flight
That I lost my mind I was going crazy,
There were the endless phone calls;
When I was a good orator
I talked on the phone to the break of the day;
Then came the day of the breakup
It hurt like hell – as it should at eighteen
But they were always innocent times.

Copyright (c)2012


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