Teenage Love Affair

Cathy, the sensational teen pop star
Opened in her young life a chapter,
And in the night pierced her laughter;
Regaled with the tales of John,
Melting her heart of stone,
Tearing fabric never worn.

John was a sight to behold,
A man she wanted to hold
Till the night grew old;
She felt a wild kind chemistry,
One to make her compose poetry
And recite it to him under the poe-tree;

To his touch her heart jumped to her chest,
Trembled as his hand moved up her wrist,
And his arms round her wasp waist;
Every muscle tense and ready,
No longer able to keep her steady
Found herself in his arms ready.

John was making her dizzy
His mouth on hers greasy,
Everything turned fuzzy;
Her hands unbuttoned his shirt,
The rest of the world they shut,
Strings that separated them cut.

He spoke like the serpent of Eden,
Told her she’d no longer be laden,
Let them make out in the garden;
She told him they do it in the car,
She was burning with the hunger,
Or did he want to leave on her a scar?

Her heart was beating hard,
Her breasts hard to his hand,
Hot, weak and aching add;
She felt herself so high,
As he moved on her thigh,
She felt like a hot pie.

John couldn’t be enough,
Making the young act rough,
She didn’t know whether it’s love;
She heard herself cry,
Arched her back high,
Stopping him didn’t try.

And then it was dark
Yet she saw the spark,
The one she wished to lack;
Told him she felt naked,
“Who told you you’re naked?”
It wasn’t the voice of John naked.



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