Not knowing a single joy in marriage
Warmth and love for me was a mirage;
Thence came the dawn, my heart dejected
It’s more than I could take, didn’t wait
Walked out the door, to ease the heart of the sorrow;

He was on the verge – not a boy, not yet a man
Spoke in language so plain, fine poet
At first it was just talking – no hands, no lips
Flirt and dart for my dejected heart, and his ego
But the body desired what the soul fought.

I cast the soul out, listened to the body
Danced to his music, and loved his hands
He knew tact and myriad ways of romance;
Lips crushed, tongues pored, and hands stroked
Reason took leave, air filled with cooing and howling.

It was nice, felt good; not for long, though
Shame loomed, and I willed him away
Though body held on, loved it that way;
Thence the stench of infidelity was suffocating
Realized I didn’t want love of body, but of soul.

Copyright (c)2012


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