Everyone calls me the black sheep of the society
Never stands un-accused in the court of piety,
My name's Mira, they just call me loose Lulu,
Say I am physically repulsive, morally reprehensible.
I'd just turned thirteen when I moved to Las Vegas
Childhood was over, adulthood just begun.

I took to clubs, 'cause I knew strip dancing
Showed body, and shook booty – strip teased
Slept with everyone, anyone who paid
Talked dirty, counting dollars per minute;
Posed nude for photos, called whore, slut;
Starred in gonzo porn, watched by millions
Adored privately, a goddess of fun to fans;

Lucky Lucy's a banker, Sheila secretary of the state
Maggy's a stay-at-home mother, perfect housewife
Joey is an actress, Hollywood; and Celine's a nun
Chloe's a cop, Mandy a kindergarten teacher
All jobs are taken, for me there was none
Thus this biz idea came, today I am self-employed
An actor, and a star – I have my own car.

Copyright © Vincent de Paul, 2013. All Rights Reserved.


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