The Quest

Seven years now since then
I have lived in pain
Seven years before you walked out
I couldn’t believe you would
Seven years I have tried my best
To make this work
Seven years of loneliness
I couldn’t stay without you
Seven years in a quest
To look for one like you
Seven years I’ve found none
Getting those who can’t afford to be seen.
Seven years later I’m back
This my humble request
 Please, bury the past.

My last thread of hope
I put my faith in you
If you’re fighting wit’ yourself
stop fighting
 I must accept
maybe you’ll not return
But I wanna end this quest
Maybe I should learn
how to live on my own
But wit’ love that I’ve kept for you
It’s true from my fruitless quest
You are one in a million
This my humble request.

Copyright (c)2013.

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