Word so difficult to say
Makes up breaks ups,
Eases the pain;
Humbles the hurt to forgive,
Gives the heartbreaker second chance.

The word I'm too proud to say,
Too shy to show I was wrong.
Sorry I can't accept the mistake,
We all have got to live with the heartache;
Sorry I want more than your love to take.

Sorry for the things I said in anger,
And let go of love, my anchor;
Sorry for things I didn't say.
Sorry for the things I have done,
Sorry for the things I haven't done;
Sorry I still have to run.

Sorry I want to come back,
Without you everything I lack;
On this road I have lost track.
Sorry I can't say sorry,
For the things I said,
Word so difficult to say,
Keeps us away from each other;
I'm sorry I love you so.

Sorry it has got to be this way,
Sorry I can't do this anymore.
Word I'm too proud to say;
Trust me; sorry would not take me away.

Copyright © Vincent de Paul, 2013. All Rights Reserved.


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