Destiny's Girl

I was just having a walk when I met you
I was looking for nobody
When you looked my way,
That killer smile---
Had but to smile back;

Give me a minute and listen to me
I was not smiling at you 
You got me wrong,
I like the way you talk you’re strong
Lemme listen to ya’ corny playa lines;

You don’t sound like you’d break my heart
Finding you ain’t no coincidence,
I really don’t believe in happenstance
This is destiny bringing us together.

Oh give me a break you’re so fast
It was accidental today we met,
Stop blocking my way and let me pass
If I found me with you I’d go crazy.

Before I go further tell me ya’ name
I like you, and you like me,
Babe,don’t be so mean
I wanna walk with ya’ if you don’t mind
Get to know you better, this is destiny.

I’m surprised you’re so hopeful
Take a NO for once and just leave
For if I found me with you 
I’d go crazy.

Babe you’re so full of attitude but it’s alright
It’s a matter of time you be my shadow
If I was your love,
I’d love you like crazy
Please say you love me,
Either way this is love.

If I was ya’ love, 
I’d love you all the time
Can I be ya’ love, 
If you promise you’d be mine?
Either way it won’t work, 
If you promised you’d be mine;
Take a NO for once, and
Just leave me alone.


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