Complicated Love

To me it’s quite tough
To get that light laugh
To get the least love
When all you do is quarrel
Never look me in the eyeball
Never give me a smile
You forever smirk.

It feels odd
To hold a conversation
When words are not heard
To stretch ma’ hand and touch
When ma’ hand is leprous.

I find it hard to look at you
When the cold in ya’ eyes
Freezes me from a mile away
I find it quite hard
To love a complicated heart
To have a complicated love.

Yester night you loved me
In the morning you doubted
In the evening you no more love me
I find it quite hard-hitting
To love a complicated heart.

I always tell you I love you, care for you
Maybe I don’t show
Maybe you don’t know
You tell me I’ve another love
And that you’re leaving
And this is your decision
And there’s nothing I can do.

You can have it ya’ way baby
For it seems quite exigent
To love a complicated heart
To have a complicated love
If you want to go alone
My love will always remain
‘Coz even though ya’ love is complicated
I have learnt how to love a complicated heart
Here wit’ me you have a home.


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