God Forgive Kenya

Grabbing of Thee Land, career of the influential 
On the thrones tyrants and avaricious; they lead
Debauchery, sham and sullying we don’t need.

Facades and fascists dominate, are full of greed 
Obscurantism the mission of government of the Land 
Rabble-rousers, hidden discreetly by tools of power 
Garner guns and sponsor criminal gangs, they kill 
Injustice to those who can’t buy natural justice 
Victimization of those with nothing, there’s no peace 
Exaction, economic dwindle; human rights sullied; 

Killers daily are recruited, trained for assassinations 
Execution of the rising sun of the nation; 
Narcissism the style of the senators in coalition 
Yammering with all possible means hasn’t yet helped
Almighty God, Forgive Kenya, attain for us redemption. 


  1. Vincent de Paul15 July 2013 at 05:56

    Beautiful is the poem, well done.

  2. Great piece. I love it.

  3. Thanks Pen For Glory, for reading and commenting (guess I am whom you think I am). You are wonderful.


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