Hasta la Vista, Babe

Seasons come and pass
Flowers with gaiety bloom,
The roses wit’ all the love
I believe you’re send from above.
Thank you for giving me ya’ love;
All the beauty of romance,
The comfort I get from ya’ bosom;
From the violets of affection
I give you so much attention
For my appreciation
For I didn’t have to pour libation;
Like a lily among thorns
You are, my love, among women;
When it comes to pass this moment
With you away from home,
In my heart of hearts hope it ain’t bad omen
And you’re there no more come May.
I write and sing you love songs,
I always see you beside me in thongs
Fantasy I’ll be in as my heart for you long
Till I see you again after the holiday
Hasta la vista, babe!


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