Music of the Sun

So unfortunate you’re born of land in distance
It makes your being an unlucky existence
‘Coz so far away with this distance
I know the million ways to love somebody.
The sun rising, its splendour spreads
The fine satin of the linen the body caresses
Revelries of the dreams da’ mind carries
The fantasy of the sweet forbidden cherries;

Warm welcome to da’ rising sun
Strength to trudge all day till it goes back down
The tunes of the fantasies turn to dream,
Cold night rumble longing for it not to dawn
I would just but have to let me drown,
To the tunes sang in June for the moon
Singing the music of the sun for the new day
When we’d make no boring fun of the distance
But until that day you’re the verse and stanza
Of the music that I sing for the sun of my days.

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