Tell Me Babe

I know loving me you’ve ceased
Don’t tell me it gonna be like this
till am deceased;
It hurts to know am no longer missed
To know I know this gets you pleased;
Why this feeling within me so deep?
Why do I wish you were still mine to keep?
Why do I do nothing but just weep?
Why do I no longer have comfort even of sleep?
Tell me this before you go to sleep
Tell me this before you immerse ya’self so deep
Tell me this before you go down da’ cliff so steep;
I can sense the impending disaster
Tell me you not gonna miss
the banter and laughter
Tell me you not gonna miss the caress
The things we did without duress
For there has been no love of much love
Than the love I had for you
my lovely dove.


  1. patricia killian21 July 2013 at 22:14

    thanks your poems are so interesting keep up.

  2. Good you think so, seems like that too.


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