The 16th Nairobi International Book Fair 25th SEPTEMBER to 29th SEPTEMBER 2013

The 16th Nairobi International Bookfair:
The 16th Nairobi International Bookfair fair will be held from 25th September to 29th September 2013 at the Sarit Centre Expo Hall Westland’s Nairobi, Kenya. The Bookfair is organized by the Kenya Publishers Association.
Books whether creative works or factual texts, serve as a reflection of the society from which the writers are drawn. It is therefore our duty to ensure that society is able to communicate effectively on issues that confront it and do so through books and to enhance a peaceful coexistence amongst each other.
Events at the Bookfair will include
a) Workshops and seminars on topical issues 
b) Book launches
c) Children activities
d) Presentation of the Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature- 2013 which is sponsored by        Text Book Center
e) Budding Authors Seminar, Seminar on how to get published.
f) Books clearance sale and raffle for books- Publishers will sell books at huge discounts.
Please note that those interested in exhibiting should contact the Kenya Publishers Association secretariat for bookings.
The Kenya Publishers Association is happy to invite you to celebrate the book at the 16th Nairobi International Book-fair, 2013


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