Corny Playa Lines (Her Story)

Handsome stranger, Zeus in person
Lost in his godly world, oblivious of me
When I sat next to him in the bus,
And the long and bumpy journey started.

Lost in his godly world, stealing furtive glances at me
I wishing he looked me in the eyeball, and had the balls
To drop his corny playa lines, and knightly bows
For a lady like me, yet he did nothing.

Inside I could feel the burning of the fire
Burgeoning of my untamed desire
I look him in the eye, everything go haywire
His presence herculean, he truly’s god.

He drops no corny playa lines, loses himself in his book
Romance of something akin, erotica it turns out to be
I lean in on him, my famous bust goes unnoticed
Thence I guess, Zeus had his Hera; how adorable.

(For a handsome stranger I sat next to in a bus, 23/8/2013)


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