Corny Playa Lines

I'm sitting next to Madonna,
She might as well be Mona Lisa,
Feeling like to drop the lines
The Corny pick-up ones
Yet I don't.

The look in her eyes,
No, I sneak furtive glances,
And I see my desire
Mirrored in her gelatinous orbs;
We are one, I know
Feeling the same
the attraction
the magnetism
Yet do nothing.

I like her as much
Yet I can't command the heart to march
Towards her eager self
and I feel the passion
burgeoning inside me;
I just can't tell her -
the legendary corny playa lines
have taken leave of absence -
coz, I'm speechless
at the sight of her beauty.

                                 (for a strange girl I sat next to in a bus, 23/8/2013)


  1. I wasn't able to post this comment directly on the blog. But, here: the poem is very simple, as usual, and captures a very brief moment of encounter like a camera forgives the world which offends it and decides to vent its anger at one very little focus which gets printed as a "picture". I would have really loved, though, if you made it more of a 'painted picture' than a 'captured moment'. This way it'll be easy to feel the emotions that came up in your (the persona's) mind at that moment to be vividly seen and felt. You know, he who's never been to the earth cannot explain why God lives in heaven.

  2. You can comment anonymously but putting your name and email adress (not published). I use disqus for comments. Check, I am copying and pasting your comment on it using your email address and your name.

    Thanks for your comment, and reading.


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