Don't Matter Now

Everybody wanted to see us together 
But it don't matter now
'Cause I’ve not got you, babe
we always fight
Fight day and night
believe our wrongs are right.

Everybody wanted to see us together
everybody thought we'd last forever
they hopin' and prayin'
Things between us got better
you steady going after others
And don't wanna respect boundaries
Tellin' all those lies
Just to get your way
But just know that I tried
To always patch up the feather
And I'ma have you first always in my heart
To keep you satisfied

I never gave you the reason to leave
I Got every right to wanna leave
Got every right to wanna go
Got every right to hit the road
And never talk you me no more
Not even wanna call
Not even have to call
Even check for you at all
Because the way we’ been
Has been off the wall
And everything goin’ south
nothin’ ain't true
but it don’ matter now.


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