Holy Emotions

Even angels fall in love, really---
I was afraid and guilty of sin
I was corrupting an innocent mind
On that very day my heart saw you.

On that very day
my heart saw you
It leapt with divine joy
That a soul
as gentle as you was created
For I was to escape
From the stinging slum of hypocrites.

If it were enough
to sit without words
What do you think
I wouldn’t have told you?
How I wished you’d just to go away
Never to come back again
I should’ve listened
To ya’ silent voice then
I should have known
 Right from the start
Mine were just holy emotions.

Since that single day
I just feel
Count on the words we shared
Deep down
They burn me even today
Knowing that I love you
Yet you can’t
I ought not to feel that way
Men of the cloth don’t
These holy emotions
Kill me babe.

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  1. Thanx lemme read it,tho angels dont fall in love,its only the innocent heart of men do

  2. Really? Read the Bible well......

  3. Hebu quote for me in the bible where it says Angels fall in love then i will totally agree.

  4. Genesis 6:2. that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose.

    They wouldn't have taken wives without first falling in love.


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