To Love You Again

Standing in the front yard
Watching not the gate but distant road
Wishing I could see you from a distance
Drive through the gate, and
Walk up the front steps
And hug me the way you used to.

So here I stand
Hoping to see but just ya’ ghost
Yet there ain’t any like you
I wanna you come back
I’m the one who wanna love you again.

I’m the one
Who wanna love you again
This lonely loneliness
barters to maim,
My eyes gonna dry up forever.
Since you walked out into the rain
Haven’t been able to help the pain
I just realized I threw it all
Nothing can stop this emotion
Come, I wanna love you again.

Come I wanna love you again
From distrust I shall refrain
I know what I have to gain
Nothing more I can’t contain
Nothing more I can’t obtain
Come for love so plain
The love you once craved
And drank from ma’ churn.

Touch me once again
Crawl back
 to the darkest recesses of ma’ heart
In there light that lamp
That gonna glow forever
More than in dream;
I’m the one to blame.
I’m so rich of very many things but shame
I would not stop till that moment you come
Back to the arms you love
To the where you belong
Come I wanna love you again.


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