Am Not an Angel

Baby don’t you be so mean
I tried to keep everything clean
Trying to be ever so discreet
Not to be like the man
on the streets
But lemme explain ma’self
You just have to listen ya’self
Talk about living together sure we will
But for now you’ve to know
That I am not an angel.

I’m not an angel,
I’ll tell you how
has got to be real slow
There’s no one but us in this show
Promise to let no one else know;
Ever since we parted that day
And we went our separate ways
I couldn’t help the feeling in me.

In my heart you lit a light
I fell in love, first sight
I danced like a dervish
To my surprise you don’t feel the same
You fill me with shame
Though I am not an angel.

You say you can’t love
I know you’ve no other love;
But just because I serve at the altar
That does not make me an angel;
Baby you’re my star
Let me be your night time.

Dovetail ya’ hand into mine
Let’s disappear from this vicarage
To the love nest that’s waiting for us
Make ma’ head swirl
I wanna make you twirl
Make ya’ body whirl
For I am not an angel.

(Florence Merab aka Virginia)


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