Eternal Love

Love of quiet dignity and grace
Queen of my heart, your palace
I love you, forever shall
Give you everything, never stall.

I shall love you till clay becomes gold
Love you till stars grow old
Love you till hell grows ice-cold.

I shall wait for you till lonely becomes fun
Give you all till everything becomes none
Walk with you till the moon becomes the sun.

I shall love you till ocean becomes desert
Sit and dine with you till dessert
Follow you everywhere and home desert.

I shall love you till inanimate is animate
Now you doubt destiny ain’t fate
Come to me, it’s getting late.

Come chase this loneliness away
Give me ya’ hand, let me lead the way
Through the darkness to the break of the day
Shall be by ya’ side till we’re all clay;

This love in my heart’s engraved
Shall never be graved
Death of body defeated, whence soul’s saved.


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