Making Love Tonight

Foreplay, the starter 
For the dinner party
Doors sealed shut,
All lights doused
You and I one,
Body and soul laced
Making love tonight;

 When the night creeps,
And light chased away
When darkness rules,
And for me you grope;
The stars above,
Twinkling just for us
Making love tonight; 

You’ll laugh out loud,
Scream my name aloud
All ya’ self-will and restraint weak,

Passion aflame,
Sweat dampening
Body and soul laced
The nun you are turned tart
This sin clear to see,
Making love tonight;

Come on, babe,
Tear ya’ clothes off
Go wild tonight,
Oral sex ain’t sex
Do all what you’ve ever fantasized –
Lover without indiscretion no lover at all.

You and I are one,
Together is our destiny
Welcome to real life
Get rid of those convent robes, get wild
‘Morrow you shall be virgin, believe me.

Oh, babe, don’t be shy,
Yearn to fly
I know this is foreign to you,
Fear not
Let’s intertwine, forget you’re nun
Get oral as one,
Buggery ain’t sex
‘Morrow you shall be virgin,
That I promise
Let’s make love tonight.


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