Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Every time I see you with your girl,
I die a little more inside
But I put my deaths aside,
Hug you like the friend you are
Keeping hands where everyone can see them;
Yet deep inside I want more than that,
Lose myself in your arms,
Wrap you in my embrace,
Keep you safe with me.

I just wonder
Do you ever
Think of me
Any different?
Do you….

Do you ever
See the way I look at you,
How I flush, and blush
When I'm this best friend
Hoping you'll see me,
But you don't want to put an end
And be more than just a friend.

After the evening
Pretending I don't feel the way I do,
And you get home with your girl
Do you ever
Think of me with you?
Taking her place?
Loving you the way she does (n't)?


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