I'm Lonely

I close my hands about my cheeks,
Every day and night for weeks;
Let cold tears roll from my eyes,
Watch then pool my bed and turn to ice;
I hear distant sounds, and the rain
Mourning; speaking of my soul’s pain.

In the study is the one I love,
Buried in the books he craves;
Sounds I grew up with are now silence,
I’m so tired of the occasional pretence;
I want him to come and touch me,
Be one like mixture of rice and seed of sesame.

He is learnt, a master of many arts,
But lacks words for his acts;
Says with books he’s got no better friend
My love to me has turned fiend,
I am so lonely in this cold bed
                                                         I wish books and love God forbade.

My loneliness has become a sad song
I mourn; allow my voice to chop,
With the rhythm of the dark night
So harsh I contemplate flight,
This loneliness is so deep tears won’t quench
I will it to go away so much.


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