I Put the Blame on You

Sorry I can't say sorry for the things I have done,
You're always up and about on the run;
Working the whole night like every day,
Duty and service took you away;
So many nights I knelt to pray,
Hoping you'd come home and stay.

I put the blame on you for the neglect,
I couldn't help the disrespect;
Sorry I can't say I love it away,
You should've been home to show me the way;
The empty home and the cold bed every day,
You're on the streets to the break of the day,
Until you caught us on our bed today;

I put the blame on you for getting shot,
You can't hear me even when I shout;
I can understand the pain,
It batters the heart to maim;
Go ahead and loath me in plain,
There's nothing left to gain,
I put the blame on you for the strain.


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