KDF Soldiers: Tainted Saviours

They are angels unknown, yet devils well-known
SLDF massacred unprecedentedly, KDF takes the blame
They are peacekeepers, accused of raping their ‘comfort women’
Great boots and helmets; saviours in spite of their behaviour;

They used to stay idle in the barracks
Fattening on exchequer and untaxed,
Millionaired by the United Nations –
Yet they lived in bivouacs on corned beef
Preparing for wars unknown when to come;
Citizen journalists spread conjecture and lies,
Even the parliament wanted them to sweep streets
Until al-Shabaab came calling with their terror;

Boots and helmets of KDF invaded Somalia,
Turned war bells to cooking cans in Beles Qooqan,
Liberated Kismayo, Mogadishu is now cosmopolitan
Al-Shabaab hurled grenades at churches back home;
Yet Somalia’s liberated, salute them KDF soldiers.

Thence Westgate Mall turned maul mow down
The country waited with bated breath, hope gone
KDF soldiers saved the day, gallantry celebrated
Put their lives on the line, and looted the mall,
Whence their dead lie in the rubble; accusations ring
Professional soldiers tainted, ingrate nation it is.


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