Tuesday, 1 October 2013

O mercy me!
What a hapless fate,
I sigh o’er my loss
For never more she’ll sit
Nor play the old silly games
Her lambast,
Her censures;
I’ll never see her more.

I know she doesn’t love him,
Not yet,
But with time;
She has a soft heart
Like butter in the sun it’ll melt
He just needs to look at her,
Mimi would be absorbed
Fall in love with him;

I Wish I could marry her myself
Keep her safe in the family
Did Mimi have to leave, be married?
Goodbye’s the hardest thing to say
I shall try not to cry,
Or run away;
Shall let the hardest minute crawl away
But still shall break down,
Cry quarts,
Goodbye’s the hardest thing to say.


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