The Woman Mystique

Like a shadow she’s forever with you
Chase her and she flees.
Follow her and drown in her ocean
Turn your back on her and she follows you.

She’s the sweetest taste of sin
She’s your addiction, you’re a junkie
She may end up in hell
But the flames consume you.

Know her and you know god
You worship her at ungodly hours
All her imperfections are perfect
She’s a goddess yet she-devil.
Her beauty glows, lights the way
You make her divine,
Offer her jewels and gold
She kills you with her charm.

She’s one man’s victory, another’s defeat
Forever she’s pain, forever you need relief
Disguises her manipulation in her smile
Lifts you to the clouds to lose you.

Woman, mother of the world
Woman, killer of the unborn
Woman, cornerstone of man
Woman, a bundle of contradiction.


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