Warrior Poet: My Radio Interview

It was at Westgate Mall in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya, just days before terrorists took the country hostage.

“Poetry and war might sound contradictory, but soldier Vincent de Paul knows how to wield the pen as well as a gun.” Vered Ehsani, Africa Creates Radio Show.

The whole thing started in Somalia, thanks to the internet. Africa Creates Radio Show had just come to Kenya, thanks to Vered Ehsani, South African / Canadian who has been in Kenya since mid-2000. An engineer, environmental consultant, a writer and a lover of (almost) all things creative.

Africa Creates is an online radio show. Every week, she interviews an African artist for about 20 minutes. “By ‘artist’, I mean all sorts of creative sorts – writers (including poets & bloggers), musicians, filmmakers (short or feature films & TV), fashion designers, photographers… You get the idea.” That’s what this is all about, to show off to the world the diverse talent of this amazing continent aired in three different places:

1) Artist First Radio Network : a US-based online station with an international audience. Founded in 1996, ArtistFirst was the first network ever to use the combination of the Internet, web streaming and podcast archiving to promote Independent Artists. Their web site attracts well over 150,000 people every day.

2) Bottomline Kenya : a Kenyan-based, entertainment blog. Africa Creates is proud to be a regular contributor to Bottomline Kenya.

3) You can also hop on over to our Mixcloud page.

While in Somalia I decided this is what I want when I get back to Kenya (if I didn’t die in action). That day came and my first ever public and broadcast appearance was to take place at the ill-fated Westgate Mall in Westland just days before terrorists (whom I had combated in Somalia) stormed in and took the country hostage.

Here is my interview. Click the links below to listen.


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